T-Square Fractal

Yesterday I came across Fractals. I thought lets implement one in ActionScript.

So here it is – A T-Square Fractal

Link to the source code here

A special thanks to Sreeni for his valuable inputs.


Adding FLEXibility to sorting hierarchical data

With the release of Flex 3 Moxie Beta 2, sorting of hierarchical data has been given a new FLEXibility.

Earlier sorting hierarchical data was not possible. With the introduction of Advanced DataGrid and new collections support, we can have new ways to sort Hierarchical data.

Check out the sample here

1. In the first Grid – Sorting can be done recursively on all the nodes and their children.

2. In the second Grid a node can be selected and only its children can be sorted and sort order can be chosen from the ComboBox.

Source code can be found here

Hello World!

Finally, I’m starting my Technology Blog.

Here, I’ll be writing about things I’m learning while working and exploring Adobe Flex.

Also, I’ll be posting about new things about various technologies I’m learning or exploring.