AdvancedDataGrid Performance Polls

Hello Advanced DataGrid users,

We have added a poll about AdvancedDataGrid’s performance. Please take part in the poll and help us identify the areas which needs improvement.

The poll is hosted at flexpearls

Thanks again.


12 thoughts on “AdvancedDataGrid Performance Polls

  1. If you want to take the poll, you can’t get to it by clicking the link, which only gives you a stupid popup. Hint: expected behavior in a web page is that if you click a link on the page it will navigate you to the apparent destination.

  2. Its not every time. For example, headers are not re-created when you scroll vertically. They are re-created when you scroll horizontally as the headers will change after scrolling horizontally.
    Are you having any issues with the recycling mechanism?

    • I think the horizinatal scrolling performance,is partially related to the item/header renderers being recycled when horizonatl scrolling is done.May be there’s a possiblity for the header renderer,can be cached instead of being re-created each time,when scrolling horizontally.

    • Hi, i need your help with ADG horizontally scrolling.
      I have bad performance in ADG with a lot of columns.
      And a should dynamically change scroll thumb width when i scroll ADG. I see the work around at adobe JIRA. But it’s bad when i have locked columns in ADG. I am trying to implements this example
      Can you help me with this issue?

      • How many columns does your grid have?
        You can try using mx:groupedColumns in place of mx:columns.
        Note that this will create all the columns in the beginning. So, horizontal scrolling will improve while the grid render time will also increase.

      • Hi, Thanks for quick reaction. I tried mx:groupedColumns
        It’s seams improve speed of scrolling, but horizontal scroll thumb still changed it’s with dynamically.
        Can i discard recalculating ADG horizontal scroll thumb with?
        I have:

        And 200 groupedColumns with different widths.
        I need fixed with of ADG horizontal scroll thumb.
        Please help. Thanks.

  3. I have:
    mx:AdvancedDataGrid lockedColumnCount=”2″ horizontalScrollPolicy=”on” width=”100%” height=”50%” minWidth=”400″

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