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convertResultHandler in RemoteObject

Posted on: October 27, 2009

Many times, while using RemoteObject, instead of processing the result of a remote method invocation in every result handler, you may want a mechanism to process the result before all the result handlers are notified.

convertResultHandler is such a property which was introduced in RemoteObject to process the result before sending it across to all the result handlers.

A sample implementation can be as simple as converting the result to ArrayCollection if its an Array –

public function convertResultHandler(result:*, operation:AbstractOperation):*
// convert result to ArrayCollection
if (result is Array)
return new ArrayCollection(result as Array);

return result;

Livedocs here

A similar property exists for WebService also.
Livedocs here

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1 Response to "convertResultHandler in RemoteObject"

This is especially useful when you want to maintain a unique index of models by ID.

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