My name is Sameer Bhatt and I work at Adobe Systems.
I had contributed to Adobe Flex and Adobe Flash Builder in the past.
Currently, I am involved in building the next generation of cloud services. I work primarily in architecting cloud based solutions and designing and developing REST APIs. Technology stack I work on is Ruby, Sinatra/Padrino, nginx and various components of Amazon Web Services.

The views expressed here are solely my own and does not reflect or bears the views of Adobe Systems.


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  1. Is it possible to drag & drop within a particular cell on a data grid – everything I have seen refers to a whole row in a data grid?

    thank you.

  2. Hi Sameer,
    Ur Blog was very helpful.i need help from you.
    How do i select all rows depending on the itemrenderer(checkbox) given in the header.
    Will be happy to get help from you


  3. sameer
    many thanks for all your blog entries. they have helped me greatly. I need to know how i can creaet a group Header renderer where the group header can have an image in the background. any help will be appreciated.

  4. Hi sgeorge,
    You can create a header renderer using Canvas, Box, etc.. as base and set the backgroundImage property to get a background image.
    Add the required components to your renderer and set it as headerRenderer on the AdvancedDataGrid.

    Or if you are talking about groupItemRenderer, follow the same process but be sure to dispatch the opening/closing events in the renderer. You can have a look at AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer. Set groupItemRenderer property to set the renderer.

  5. Hi

    Your blog is really informative and i was really excited to know the things you can do with flex. But it seems to me that are a lot of missing pieces involved when it comes to integrating flex with other technologies. We have the following environment and we would love have flex as a front end to our application.

    1) solaris

    2) weblogic 8.1sp6

    3) struts

    4) java 1.4

    5) jsp (front end) – we would like to replace this component with flex

    6) Documentum(It’s a Content Management system implemented in Java)

    i came across a few articles regarding flex/struts, flex/java but none were helpful. At this point i would want to write a simple application in struts in our environment with flex as front end.

    Also most of our team consists of J2EE developers and we are not considering moving away from java to action script even there are many similarties between them, as our backend which is documentum has api’s in java. so java is the only way to go as far as our back end is concerned and struts has been a standard for a long time.

    Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.



  6. Hi Kaiser,
    One of my teammate who have a good knowledge about all these things will send you a mail and also post here in 2-3 days. Stay tuned.

  7. Hi Sameer,

    I wish to seek your aquaintance as an User Experience

    Deisgner working in an MNC in pune, India. I’ve recently

    strated learning flex and my experience mostly is in UI


    I’m working on project of developing a “Employee Location

    Finder” application in flex which will comprise of a map of

    office layout that one can pan, zoom, drag and so on. Also

    application will connect to a data base that gives me

    location of each person’s cubicle. Thus application should

    be able to paint over the location markers and some text.

    Also, search functionality is the basic requirement in

    which one can search the location using the employee name

    as keyword or the location(cubicle number).

    Looking at the Yahoo, Google, and other apis which have

    geographical maps , projections/transformation

    requirements, my questions is that how we can use flex to

    build this application that uses non-geographic maps where

    the map provder are the images of office layout and not the

    external source. Also, would be of great help if you can

    provide some resources/tutorials/source files to help me

    kick start this project considering the fact that I am a


    Thanking you in anticipation of your welcoming assistance.

    With BR,

  8. Hi Prashant,
    You can download the “Employee Directory” Application from Adobe site.

    This application have similar features as mentioned in your post.
    The source is also available.

  9. Hi Sameer,
    Is it possible to drag and drop one cell from one AdvancedDataGrid to another AdvancedDataGrid when you have selectionMode=”singleCell” ? Currently the drag and drop seems to work but then the data “disappears” from the target. Thanks for your help!

    Juneau, AK

  10. Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for your response. I did read the logged bug for selectionMode=”multipleCells” before I wrote to you. I was trying to use drag and drop for selectionMode=”singleCell”. Now I see that cell drag-drop is not supported at all in AdvancedDataGrid. Thanks again for the clarification. – M.

  11. Hi Sameer,

    I am new new to the Flex world. I hope u can help me in solving the problems mxml and action scripts.

    How can I create dyanamic columns(say, date range) for Advanced datagrid, from objects returnd from java layer.?

  12. Hi Sameer,
    I have seen XML structure for creating the Tree . Can we use ArrayCollection(java List from backend) for creating the Tree control?
    You have any example demonstrating the same.
    Appreciate your response!!

  13. Yes, you can definitely use ArrayCollection. You just need to structure the data correctly, i.e., the in a parent-children form. Most of the samples in my blog uses ArrayCollection.

  14. Hi Sameer,
    Thanks for your kind help… I got into trouble when using XML as data provider for AdvancedDataGird. My requirement is to hide the root node in the ADG. In Tree we can use showRoot=”false”, right?
    Is there any similar property in AGD when using XML as data provider?
    or do we need to write action script to achieve this? Can you please get me some sample for this?

    • The property “showRoot” is present in IHierarchicalCollectionView.
      You can set it using –
      (adg.dataProvider as IHierarchicalCollectionView).showRoot = false;

  15. Do you know any recommended consultants who are experts with the AdvancedDataGrid?

    We have a need to extend ADG’s functionality. Immediate requirement is to optimize horizontal scrolling to behave the same as vertical. The requirement is not to have simple smooth scrolling but to only instantiate renderers that are in view. This is just the start; there are other features & performance bugs in addition to this one.

    Unfortunately we can’t wait until 2023 when Flex 5 finally ships with a replacement grid control.

    If anyone knows a reputable person please send email to: tntomek at — hotmail — com

  16. Hi Sameer,

    I’ve crawled the internet and you seem to be the expert for AdvancedDataGrids. I am having trouble with placing the SUM or AVG of the summaries in the Same Column as the added numbers below it.

    The label needs to be the name of a new Column. It dosen’t work if it’s the same column as visits. Is there a way about solving that?

  17. Hi Joseph,
    Do you mean that the first two rows in the image shows identical data? If that is the problem, then you can change the SummaryRow.summaryPlacement property in your code.
    As of now, in your code summaryPlacement=”first group”. This means that the summaries will be populated in the group object as well as a new row will be created at the top.
    Try with summaryPlacement=”group” or summaryPlacement=”first”.

  18. (please delete previous comment)

    Sameer, It worked perfectly!
    Actually group was what I needed to place it on top. Though I am facing something else, and funny enough, for such a simple functionality, I’d like to have one of my columns Sorted by default on this column, and if the dataProvider changes, I’d like to have the Adv. DataGrid sorted automatically on that Column.
    At the moment, if I click the header of that column, it sorts… I just need it to sort automatically. Got any ideas?
    Thanks again Sameer.

    • Set sort on your underlying data collection. myArray.sort = new Sort…. google rest 🙂 dataField will be your first visible column … grid.columns[0].dataField

      • Hey Tom,
        Thanks for the quick reply. So I sort my ArrayCollection before updating the source of the GroupingCollection (of the Adv. DataGrid)?

        Yet, the ArrayCollection I have, populates the Grid regardless of my sorting (actually did not have one), I just need the sorting on a date column to be sorted from past to future. It works if I click the header column (of Date), and it works perfectly… I just want it sorted by default (or somehow sorted after the grid gets populated).

  19. Hi Joseph,
    The collection created by GroupingCollection is a new one. So, a sort needs to be applied on the dataProvider of the AdvancedDataGrida after GroupingCollection is assigned as the dataProvider.
    Try this –

    // assign GroupingCollection as the dataProvider
    adg.dataProvider = gc; 
    // this needs to be called to 
    // let AdvancedDataGrid finish assigning the dataProvider
    // apply sort now and call refresh
    adg.dataProvider.sort = new Sort();
  20. (Sorry again please delete previous)

    Thanks Sameer, actually after sorting the Array Collection, and passing it ot the GroupCollection, IF I refresh.() the GroupCollection afterwards… the data goes back to being before Sorted… I’m leaving it as is. But it takes about half a second for it to render.

    I am willing ot keep it so. Though, now I am trying to create my own custom SummaryFunction… you can see a detailed description with pictures here:

    You may have noticed I am updating my Blog to help others pass the problems I am facing.

    • So, you need to sort the GroupingCollection after it is refreshed. Sorting the source ArrayCollection will not sort the GroupingCollection.

      I’ve posted the two summary functions in the forum thread you mentioned above. Please go through it and let me know if it works.

  21. Hi Sameer…

    I have some sensitive data that I can’t publish openly on the blog. Though I am having trouble with Sorting a Column of an Advanced DataGrid that’s grouped by a different dataField key.

    Would it be ok if you sent me an email and I’ll reply to you with the full source. (My email address is provided in this post).

    Thanks 🙂

    Also, all fixes and things I’ve been learning are being updated on my blog to help the community that also helps me.

  22. Adobe Rich Web Expert Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan is Speaking at India’s Biggest Independent Technology Event- Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 which is going to be held in Bangalore from April 20 – April 23, 2010. Interested? Then Logon to developersummit dot com

  23. My issue is how can i implement sorting in AdvancedDatagrid?
    I am using groupItemrenderer as a custom-component In my ADG i have few groups i wanna to sort individual groups when you click on the individual group that particular group suppose to sort and dont worry about other groups can you help me???

  24. Hi Sameer,

    foe flex3, i am facing a similar issue.
    There is a similar bug as mentioned in http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FLEXDMV-237?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create any ADG with the selectionMode=”multiplecells” and data more than the visible no of rows on screen.
    2. hold Shiftkey and click many continuous cells in ADG
    3. Keep selection down the rows till we scroll down and some of the selected data goes up the grid and gets invisible.
    4. Now using mouse scrll up to se your selection, your selected data which moved up the grid is no more selected. Only the visible part of the grid remains selected.

    Actual Results: the selection does not scroll along the data

    Expected Results: selection must scroll along with the data

    Is this also resolved in newer versions or any workaround?


      • Hi Sameer,

        yes i am still facing this issue.

        For Flex 3: i am using Version 3.0, build We can select via shift + arrow keys but we loose selection when we select something and scroll bar goes downwards say.

        For Flex 4: The Shift selection problem got worse. the version for Flex 4 is version 4.0 build 272416. here we are not able to select properly with shft even on the visible rows on the screen.

        Can u suggest any alternative for this for a quick solution?


      • In Flex 4.1, it works fine. and the Fix for 3.2 also works abs fine as explained in bugs.adobe.com logged bug.


  25. Sameer –

    Looks like ADG is dead now. Waht are your feeling about that? Spark to take on HierarchcialData in a better way?

  26. Hi Sameer,

    I have logged a bug for the ADG horizontal scroll issue in JIRA. I dont think any solution has been found for ADG, The fix mentioned for DG doesnt fit well with ADG.

    Has that issue been resolved or any work around for that?

    I am using Flex 4.1 to be precise. but upgarded from 3.2 only. There also the same problem was occuring.


  27. Hi Krishma,
    Can you create groupedColumns instead of columns in AdvancedDataGrid. This will definitely improve the horizontal scrolling performance. However, there is one side-effect, the grid will take longer to load.

    • Hi Sameer,

      your suggestion worked very well for the horizontal scrolling, it appeared just normal and fast enough. But yes the initial loading of grid gives script timeout error frequently. and few more issues surfaced out – like Grid hangs sometimes when we try and perform something like reposition columns.

    • Sorry for the delay in replying. When I click on the sample/ source links in the blog post, I am directed to a page in which I get a download link. If you are not getting that link. Please mail me at prosameer at gmail dot com and I will mail you the files.

  28. HI Sameer,
    I am using a class and extending AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer. In this I am adding the child control as link button. Problem is that I am not able to recognize the control in Automation tool.

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