Pythagoras Fractal

This is the next one in the series of fractals – The Pythagoras Fractal.

It can be seen here

Source here


Auto Filtering in AdvancedDataGrid

I’ve written a small application showing how auto filtering can be used in an AdvancedDataGrid.

In the sample, the first two headers are TextInput control which are used as input for the text.

I’ve written a custom itemRenderer using TextInput. On the change event of the TextInput, filtering is applied to the dataProvider and the result is shown by the AdvancedDataGrid.

The sample is located here

Source code – The main application file, The itemRenderer

Also, the sample can be modified to create an Advanced Filtering mechanism.

Auto Resizable AdvancedDataGrid

I like the auto-re sizable functionality of the columns in most of the grids.

Common applications include Windows Explorer and File Browser in Ubuntu.

So, I decided to write my own in AdvancedDataGrid.

Here, double-clicking the separator between the headers will resize the corresponding column to fit in the contents.

Check out the sample here
Try clicking the header separator between ‘Subject’ and ‘Date’ column. This will resize the ‘Subject’ column to adjust to the
data it is showing.

Source code here –
Application .mxml file
Resizable ADG .as file